Hey there! We are EIB.

What we do​

EIB solut!ons is committed to contribute three significant sectors that impact new age industries – Electronics, Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0 and Business Solutions - to improve efficiencies, reduce wastage, ensure resource safety and increase revenues.

EIB Solutions


Embedded & Electronic System Design and Manufacturing


Industrial IT & Automation solutions and Custom Robots​


Business enhancement solutions and Services​

With each passing day, Embedded and IT devices are getting miniature though powerful, IoT solutions are getting more affordable and department specific business solutions are being more acceptable inside industries – and this has been a prime driving force at EIB Solutions - deliver Excellence in Designing business specific and tailor made products & solutions.​

when we incorporated
5 +
OEM/ODM whom we supply white-label products
40 +
renowned & repeat industrial clients
80 %+
CAGR of last 5 years

Whom we served

We have delivered solutions across various industries such as Automotive, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Electrical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Fire protection equipment, ITES, Consumer products and more.

The Gap we address

Most companies do integrate readily available hardware with software and deliver solutions. EIB is capable of tailoring both hardware and software as per business’ requirement.

We v/s Competition

Considering the mix of competencies we have for our target segment, large companies do provide similar offerings under single or multiple business units. However the solutions provided by them are either generic solutions or are very costly if tailor made. SMEs can’t afford to invest huge money or invest for the solution that does not fit perfectly.

Our edge over competitors for our target segment is Tailor made + Simple products & solutions within SME budget.