Easy to use
DASH-BOARD allows to digitize contents in a flash.

quickly turn DATA to DISPLAY.


Configure Safety performance parameters quickly.

No need to manually enter days without accident, everyday. Automatic days calculation from date of accident.

Custom Content Boards

Use as any other performance board such as Production Data Display, OEE, TPM, Environment, Important contact numbers, etc.

Use as text Greetings message, Welcome message, Training & Schedule message board


Upload Image or Graphical information such as Safety messages, Wishes, Events, Celebration images or even Plant and Office KPIs


Upload video for any purpose – Training video, Corporate Identity video, Tutorials, Induction video, etc.

  • Quick display of key performance indicators (KPIs) and measures
  • Gain quick view of efficiencies / inefficiencies and defects
  • Ability to identify and correct negative indicators quickly
  • Ability to make more informed decisions on production floor, from single window display
  • Mobile ready – change content from anywhere – saves time over running to TV or display unit for uploading new content through pen drives
  • Saves time compared to running multiple key indicator reports
  • Propagate important messages / events amongst production staff
  • Saves investment for multiple dashboard systems for each key indicators (Safety display board, Environment performance board, OEE, TPM control panels, etc. – all-in-one solution)
  • No need to purchase new Smart TV. Works with existing TV with HDMI.
WHAT you get with DASH-BOARD?
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DASH-BOARD Configurator
(Admin panel)

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Enhancements & Variants
(Customization options)

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DASH-BOARD Configurator
(Admin panel)

  • Simple, easy to use, mobile
  • Customize to suit company brand
  • Change data from anywhere inside office through mobile optimized admin-panel
  • Variety of content – Performance board, Greetings, Events/Celebrations, Image, Video
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  • Dedicated device – connect in your company network
  • Cloud based solution – for internet connected TVs / Displays
  • Replicate same data to multiple TVs / Displays simultaneously
  • Configurable scroll cycles
  • Optimized for both Indoor and Outdoor displays
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Enhancements & Variants
(Customization options)

  • Additional customizations as per your need or brand guidelines
  • Range of devices – from basic to advanced requirements
  • Tailor-made feature development
  • Direct machine interface and device linking integration option


INR 30000
  • Only Text content
  • Up to 3 Dash-Board Rolls (combination of board and greetings message)
  • Up to 2 Greetings board
  • 3x4 and 4x4 grid option
  • Add company name and logo
  • Hardware – NANO device


INR 41000
  • Text + Media content (Image and Video)
  • TEXTO + 1 image + 1 video rolls
  • Total 5 Dash-Board Rolls (combination of board + greetings message + image + video)
  • Hardware - MICRO device


Call for price
  • All type of content with complete corporate branding
  • MEDIOS + Complete customization
  • Up to 5 of any type of Dash-Board Rolls combinations
  • Hardware - MINI or MICRO device