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Give leaders an insight on KAIZEN status

Active Project Management

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what do you do for managing kaizen?

Excel Sheets

KAIZEN Management Solution

Paper vs

Excel Sheet

You already know benefits of using excel sheets over paper based feedback collection.

excel sheet vs

kaizen management solution

  • Each department manages it's own excel sheet. Admin spends time in collating each department's feedbacks and transform those to insights - typically industries waste almost a week’s time every month in doing this.
  • Does your excel sheets create real-time reports? If the management asks what is today’s Kaizen situation in the plant, how much time will you take to create the report?
  • If the management asks the comparison between last month and this month Kaizen status, how much time will you take to create the comparison?
  • Do excel sheets send any notification when Kaizens are logged, successfully implemented or rejected? Definitely NOT.











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Challenges with any other KAIZEN Feedback Management system is not the case with us.

There are solutions available in the market, but these solutions are not suitable for your business as each business has own workflows and Kaizen / improvement operations.

Also, there are businesses who just rename Project Management solutions and use them as a Kaizen Feedback Management system.

Bi-Directional KAIZEN

Your floor Kaizen is Bi-Directional (Staff Management) but, is your Kaizen Management System really Bi-Directional?

Our Kaizen Management system increases visibility & transparency across teams by sharing the status of feedbacks shared by staff and action taken by managers.

Visual Factory or Analytical Factory

Are you really Visual Factory, when your Kaizen Management is not visual (or visual analytical)?

Our Kaizen Management System generates various type of reports in real-time that helps you with the assessment, planning & decision making . And all this in a click.

  • Status reports
  • Trend reports
  • Kaizen performance (Organization wise, Department wise, Team wise, Function wise)
  • Feedback Impact (cost, time, savings, wastage, etc.)
  • User engagement & appraisal

Tracking of
Goals vs Achievement

Are your corporate goals aligned with the system? Are you able to measure/track key metrics?

Our Kaizen Management System allows to set targets by management and see how actual Kaizens on floor against set department and corporate target.

A real-time Dash-Board shows key metrics achievements such as Kaizen per employee per month, average feedback closure time, average manager response time, etc.

Corporate goals are Team goals + Collaboration

Excel sheets and other Kaizen management systems allow to record feedback received. They do not align feedbacks with the corporate goals and what is the actual achievement of goals on floor.

Our Kaizen Management System allows to set targets by management and see how actual Kaizens on floor against set department and company target.

Feedbacks can also be transferred to other teams and they collaborate to work on the same improvement target.

Brief walk-through of KAIZEN Management System