Achieving performance + productivity + cost-effectiveness, quicker.

EIB Solutions offers right mix of Solutions & Services, to help businesses decide - to maintain solution on own or outsource as a service.

  • Starting a business is a big achievement but maintaining it is even bigger challenge. Each industry having it's own set of challenges makes it even more difficult. Growing businesses are continuously under pressure for maximum utilization of resources and that's why they face challenges in maintaining business solutions, on own.
  • Growing businesses can share their challenges with us and we can recommend the best solution - either to go with solution that they can manage or outsource as a service.
  • Example - our Procurement as a Service where growing businesses can outsource their procurement operation and can save as much as 20% on various projects.

How can your team focus more on business activities than managing business tools

Our range of solutions, helping you to address your business challenges in simpler way and achieve quicker results.

A continuous improvement solution designed to ensure that no feedback is missed and no improvement opportunity is lost.


Allows bi-directional Kaizen with tracking of feedback implementation status, improvement metrics achievement and easier analytics.


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DASH-BOARD is a simple to use solution that allows organization of any type and size to display company brand and informative information in the digital form.


Digital signage solutions are costly, difficult to manage and are not customizable as per your need.


DASH-BOARD is evolving solution and is easily customizable for your needs. Use it to scroll Custom Greetings messages, Images, Videos, World Clocks, Weather and more. Looking for more type of data to incorporate, call us right away.


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Safety Management system digitizes essential safety tools such as Safety checklists, PPE checklists, PPE inventory, work permits and more.


The customizable system can be modified according to your company's safety process and work-flow.

E-Memo Management system is the simplest auditing application that allows observers, quality auditors, process reviewers and supervisors to quickly raise memos and notices.


The system also allows to keep record of all the memos and notices generated. Employees can also see memos and warning in their name along with photographic proofs. Administrators can use the digital records for quicker analysis and faster decision making.


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