Deploying, Scaling & Analyzing New Age Technologies, Simpler.

Industries have moved from Traditional Factories to Visual Factories, now it’s time to move to Analytical Factories.

Practical challenges of moving to Industry 4.0 for CEOs:


DASH-BOARD is a simple to use solution that allows manufacturing and production units to convert their daily production boards in digital form.

It helps industries to avoid rework of entering data in excel sheet and also writing on display boards / white boards on production floor.

Also DASH-BOARD can be enhanced to generate custom reports and analysis of parameters specific to your production process – It’s not general solution, this is Custom solution for your process only.

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With ANDON-BOARD – not just Notify, Analyse it.

Andon System with real-time dashboard is an essential need of new age industries. So, we designed ANDON-BOARD.

Traditional Andon systems just notify about the problem present on the shop floor. Where as our ANDON-BOARD offers complete flow of RAISE – DEFINE – ACKNOWLEDGE – CLOSE – ANALYSE.

ANDON-BOARD can be integrated with machines to capture real-time performance from machine and provide real-time data and analysis. There are lots of possibilities for customization, call us to know more.

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A continuous improvement solution designed to ensure that no feedback is missed and no improvement opportunity is lost.

Allows bi-directional Kaizen with tracking of feedback implementation status, improvement metrics achievement and easier analytics.

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Case studies for Industry 4.0 solutions
SOP Automation with Camera
for Textile and Cable industry
  • Colour bottle SOP for homogeneous mixing of pigments.
  • Multiple colour bottles on rotation table needs to be rotated at predefined RPM for predefined duration.
  • Vision camera based inspection solution with control and error handling capabilities.
  • The systems continuously scans rotating colour bottles, counts rotations and calculates speed.
  • The data is stored in records against each unique bottle code for future investigations and analysis.
Label content verification system
for any type of packaging and bottling line
  • Barcode verification at high speed for pre-fabricated carton cutouts with rejected material count and stacking.
  • High speed conveyor system mounted with vision inspection camera.

  • Camera scans image of cartons moving on conveyor and scans barcodes on sides of cartons.

  • Scanners mounted on conveyor system also scans cartons top for gap between lids to check if they are properly packed or not.

  • In case of incorrect barcodes or improper packing, cartons are marked rejected and are moved towards rejection bin.

Data Acquisition & OPC Server
  • Distributed SCADA and monitoring system with remote server and warning generation.
  • Solution based on minimum components within SCADA architecture and remote monitoring.

  • MODBUS TCP/IP network established with remote server capabilities.

  • Intelligent warning generation mechanism.
  • Works on both wired and wireless connectivity.
High speed control with multiple axis
  • Axis control with sampling period of 100us for linear motor of 1KHz bandwidth.
  • Optical position sensor based feedback system with high bandwidth control.

  • Solution implemented with industrial PC with real-time operating system (RTOS).

  • Integration with external control cards.