PCB CAM Processing

Engeneering to Complete DFM!

EIB Solutions offers complete Service for PCB front end Cam data processing including editing and verification for optimized manufacturability for your production setup


EIB has experienced and skilled engineers to compete the DFM Analysis & Checks to provide CAM Engineering and Front end Engineering services. We promptly support customers on CAM when needed. Received data is verified against the standard specification provided by the fabrication house, stock and cost matrix. This gives quick overview to create estimates and CAM outputs to reduce the process time to get the jobs onto the production floor.

Quote / RFQ: Basic Checking of data. Fill up RFQ forms as per requirement.
CAM Preparation: Single-Up, Panelization.
DRC: Min/Max checks of different Parameters including any specific required by customer.
Cleanup: Cleaning such as NFP, registration, attributes etc.
Optimization: Copper layers, solder mask, Copper balancing, etch Compensation and so on.
Outputs: NC drill & route, Counter bore/sink, Panel, Peck Drill/G85, BBT Fixture generation files etc.
  • We provide no-cost service for you to try

  • No risk involved

  • Our team will generate required output according to your needs

  • Next day delivery

  • Includes: Analysis of Sample data, editing, panel creation if any, outputs and any other specific requested outputs

PCB CAM Work Capabilities

  • IPC , MIL & Customized Standards

  • Complete expertise in managing various data formats

  • DFM preparation (Check Gerber data and produce reports).

  • Single image preparation (Single Sided, Double Sided ,Multi-Layer)

  • Build-up Suggestion

  • Design rule check and error correction as per manufacturing standard

  • Standard and Special Array creation

  • HDI Boards

  • Blind-Buried Technology

  • Gold Finger, Hard Gold on Base copper , Edge Plating

  • Vias filled and capped / Cu filled & stacked Micro via

  • Edge Castellation holes / stamp technology

  • Heat Sink/Drain, CSK, Back drill, Depth Drill etc.

  • Panel Image preparation

  • Flip/Flop , Multi board Panel arrangement

  • Drill/Rout /scoring output

  • Electrical Test programs ATG , Emma, Probot , MNF1 ,MNF2 , etc.

  • BBT Fixture Outputs (NC and other files)

  • AOI output

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